Fully-Managed Cold Outreach Campaigns for Agencies


I help agencies & consultants score meetings with targeted clients through email & social outreach. Only pay for results (booked meetings)!


Done-For-You Outbound

We’ll run a complete done-for-you outbound campaign on your behalf, through email and social.


Only pay for results! I charge a setup fee, then a per-booked-meeting price for my clients.

Qualified Leads

Every prospect will be qualified to ensure that they meet specific criteria and are interested in the service you offer. 

Ryan Bozeman

Let’s talk about cold outreach and prospecting.

It’s something that every agency has to do. You need to keep your pipeline filled. But you’re already so busy with relationship management and service fullfilment, that fitting in consistent outreach to keep your pipeline filled is almost impossible. This causes the dreaded boom-and-bust cycle for agencies.

Cold outreach through email and social media is, in my experience, the most cost-effective and personal way to land new clients. I’ve used it to create a consistent stream of new leads in my own freelance business and agency for more than five years, and have helped agencies land quality meetings every month with their ideal clients.

But cold outreach is hard to do right. Decision-makers are inundated with cold pitches each and every day. Most never even get read. Of those that do, only a select few get responded to. Your reputation is also at stake. You don’t want to look like a spammer and want a more thoughtful approach.

My lead generation service focuses on generating real conversations and a less-salesy approach. Our small team of sales development reps will reach out to your target market on your company’s behalf through email, social, and voicemail. They’ll engage in thoughtful conversations and schedule meetings with interested prospects directly into your calendar.

We handle the whole process from start to finish — including building prospect lists, connecting with them on social media, and emailing them thoughtful messaging that leads to qualified meetings. You just sit back and worry about closing sales.

With my cold email service you will:

  • Land meetings with ideal clients and only pay for scheduled meetings.
  • Come across professionally (and not like a spammer) with thoughtful and direct messaging
  • Grow brand awareness by nurturing interested-but-not-ready prospects over weeks and months.

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We’ve Booked Meetings With Great Companies

How It Works

A simple, proven process.

1. Build Lists of Your Ideal Clients

I’ll build lead lists of your ideal clients, using a variety of tools to help us identify companies that meet our criteria.

2. Find the owner’s verified email & LinkedIn

I’ll find the owner’s (or other persona that you are targeting) direct email and verify it. Get directly in touch with decision-makers.

3. Reach Out to Those Prospects

We’ll reach out to your prospects through email, social, and voicemail in a thoughtful way.

4. Schedule Meetings Into Your Calendar

We’ll schedule meetings directly into your calendar. You sit back and focus on closing new deals!


Case Study 1: Growing My Content Marketing Agency

I spent more than 10 years as a freelance writer and content marketing agency owner. Throughout that decade, I consistently used cold email to land new clients.

I was able to grow my business to a comfortable six-figure level, using cold email as my only channel for acquiring new clients.

Here’s some stats from a cold email campaign that helped me land more than 20 meetings and 7 high-value clients.


One-Month Campaign Totals:

  • 47 Replies
  • 21 Meetings
  • 71% Open Rate
  • 7 New Clients

Case Study 2: Generating Leads for a Case Study Creation Service

I worked with a content marketing agency to help them land new clients for a specific service they were just debuting — case study creation for B2B companies.

I worked with them to get their new service off of the ground and score dozens of long-term clients over a period of a year.

Here’s an example of one campaign we ran that netted us 11 warm leads and a 77% open rate.

case study 2

Case Study 3: Generating Leads for a Full-Service eCommerce Digital Agency

I worked with a digital agency that focused on delivering high-value eCommerce websites. In working with them for a period of eight-months, we were able to generate hundreds of warm leads and more than 15 high-value clients for $XX,XXX websites.

Here is an example of one campaign that we sent that netted 13 meetings and a 74% open rate.

case study 3

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I charge a $799 setup fee, then $200 per lead generated (meeting booked). Fully pay-for-performance — no overpriced retainer. Cancel anytime.

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