Exceptional Longform Content for B2B Brands

I help B2B brands create longform, data-backed content that grows sales and authority.

Stop Settling for Run-of-the-Mill Content…

…and publish content that sets you apart from the competition.

Your business needs valuable content to build trust with customers and prospects. But, you’re particular. You don’t want to publish the same type of content that everyone else is — you want to dig deeper. As a founder, you’re too busy growing your business to set aside time for writing high-value longform articles. That’s where I come in.

I work closely with B2B brands (and as a ghostwriter for founders and executives) to produce longform thought leadership content that grows their leads, sales, and authority. My service is comprehensive. I’ll handle everything from topic ideation to publishing.

Custom Crafted

I go the extra mile to learn about your product, company, and industry. Every piece I create leverages your experiences, expertise, and voice.

Superior Quality

To become an industry authority you have to publish attention-grabbing content. Every piece I create is designed to be an industry-leading resource for your customers.

Evergreen Assets

My content is designed to be evergreen and function as a long-term asset for your business that will pay off for years to come.

How I’m Different

Longform, Data-Backed Content

I want every piece that we publish to function as a long-term evergreen resource for your customers and prospects. No fluff.

My content is typically 2,000+ words and jam-packed with insightful anecdotes, internal data, and third-party data that help to back up the points made in the content.

I help B2B companies publish longform content that:

  • Ranks highly in search engines.
  • Nurtures prospects through the customer journey.
  • Arms your sales teams with relevant content.
  • Builds authority in your industry.

My content development service is comprehensive — I handle everything including topic ideation, keyword research, writing, formatting, & publishing. I’ll work with you to understand your customers and create high-value content that helps you build trust, grow sales, and establish authority.

A Focus on Evergreen Content Assets

I steer my clients away from spray-and-pray content strategies toward a more focused approach. I recommend producing fewer, more valuable pieces of longform cornerstone content that answers important questions for your customers and prospects. We’ll leverage your expertise to create content that we know your audience needs.

Types of Evergreen Content

  • Answers to questions frequently asked by current customersRetain current customers. Teach them about your product or service. Arm your sales with content that supports upselling initiatives. Help your customer success teams serve your customers.
  • Answers to questions frequently asked by active prospects. Nurture prospects through your sales pipeline. Create standardized answers to objections and questions for your sales teams. Establish yourself as an authority.
  • Answers to questions frequently asked by new prospects. Grab the attention of customers that are hunting for a solution. Rank organically in search engines. Build awareness. Set the stage for building a relationship.
  • Unique insights or opinions for industry peers. Create content that builds awareness in your industry and positions you as an expert among your peers.

My goal is to help you create content that answers the most burning questions and worries of prospects and customers. You don’t have to wait for this kind of content to start ranking in Google to see results — you can bake them into your marketing and sales processes from the moment it’s published.

No Contracts

I only work with clients that are interested in an ongoing partnership (X articles per month), but I never require a long-term contract.

I work with clients that are resolved to produce the best possible content for their audience. I never want them to feel locked-in to an agreement. Clients stick with me because I provide a professional service that delivers results.


Please Note: I can not disclose ghostwritten articles. These are select examples published under my own name.

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My Process

1. Research & Consultation

We’ll start by having a quick chat about your business to make sure we’re a good fit. Then, I have a quick questionnaire for you to fill out to guide my research as I learn about your business, customers, and industry.

2. Topic Ideation

I’ll use our intial conversations to guide my research and put together a list of 10 topics that answer questions from your customers, prospects, and leads. You can also provide the topic.

3. Topic Research

We nail down some topics then hit the ground running. I’ll dive into my research.

4. First Draft and Revisions

I’ll deliver the first draft. Then you’ll have an opportunity to request any revisions. A read-through of the first draft might spark some new ideas that we can use to bolster the content.

5. You Receive Your Polished, Publish-Ready Content

I’ll deliver the final draft, complete with all of your requested revisions. I’ll make sure the formatting looks great and that the article is optimized for our primary and secondary keywords. Then, if you would like, I’ll login to your CMS and upload the content as a draft. All you have to do is click “Publish.”

What My Clients Say

OpGen Media

“Ryan is a rare hybrid. He has the perfect balance of writing skills with visual and conversion-friendly copy. Not only that, he can take a half-baked idea and turn it into a masterpiece, which is incredibly valuable to a busy team. Ryan consistently over-performs and is truly a major benefit to us at OpGen Media.”

Brandon Pindulic, Founder @ OpGen Media

UniTel Voice

“Excellent content. Reasonable price. Outstanding quality. I like the way Ryan takes the time to learn the target market to deliver useful content that our customers love. He is an asset to our team and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for reliable high-quality content.”

Greg Roth, Head of Marketing @ UniTel Voice


$600 Per Article

Includes everything you need for publish-ready content — Deep research, topic ideation, image design & sourcing, keyword research, optimization, and posting to your CMS.

Note: I am only taking on new clients that want to develop content on an ongoing basis (X pieces per month). No contract. Cancel anytime.

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